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Questions regarding DKP Menu Layout

Questions regarding DKP Menu Layout
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Hi, I have a couple of questions regarding the DKP menu layouts that I wasn't able to really find an answer for either in the forums here (though to be honest I just skimmed a couple pages of subjects) or in the FAQ. Hopefully someone here can help me. I apologize if my terminology isn't up to par.

We're wanting to use number of different dkp 'systems' (ZA, Gruul, SSC, etc) and I'm finding by having these different systems it is really lengthening my menus. I'm trying to avoid having people need to scroll to find stuff in the menus.

A couple of questions

1: Is there a way to change the menu layout for DKP? Ideally would be to have no DKP System breakdown on the menu level but rather one menu that - for example - when someoen clicks on 'Current standings' it gives them the option to then select what System (ZA, or SSC or whatever) and then when that selection is made it loads in the main body of the page the details for that particular system. Would save a lot of space as not to have to repeat the same 5 menu options for each different DKP system.

2: Not all of my systems are showing up in the menus. The only thing I can see that makes sense is that the 2 that are not showing are for systems I have not scheduled any calendar events for yet. I have 4 DKP systems. 2 have been scheduled on the event calendar. 1 of those 2 has past event dates and 1 has not. However both of those 2 show up in my menus.

Is the basis for whether a DKP system has a menu or not based on if it's scheduled in the event calendar?
What you COULD do is make a "DKP" link somewhere on your menu and simultaneously disabling the "DKP" Menu category.

Then in the "DKP" item you made, build a menu there with the information. It would be two clicks to the Standings for users, but if that's cool with you, that's a solution to make the site more brief.

It's all in the reflexes.
Hi Chops,

Ok I think I understand the concept of what you are saying, but I'm not sure how to accomplish this.

Disabling the built-in DKP menu - check, I can do that.
Creating a new menu catagory - check, I can do that too.

Not sure how to link to one of the DKP builtin submenus though (such as Current Standings or Items recieved). By going this approach would it ask me what DKP system I want to check when clicking on "Current Standings" or would I have to make a menu with a different menu item for each?


Current Standings - ZA
Current Standings - Gruul
Current Standings - SSC


If I do have to create submenus for each, I am unsure how to link to the specific information for a given DKP system.

Sorry for my ignorance - I tend to use the basic layout and not advanced as that's a bit above my head and perhaps that is making my understanding of this solution a little unclear.

Appreciate the help.
Creating a new menu catagory - check, I can do that too.

Correction, I mean making a new menu item (just a link). At the bottom, you can enter a body in BBCode.

So you could simply do something like the following:

[url =dkpmember.php?dkpsystemid=3]Current Standings for ZA[/url]
[url =dkpmember.php?dkpsystemid=4]Current Standings for SSC[/url]

Obviously, you'd want more information there, but that's what you can enter in that box. Then when you've made the new menu item (called something like "DKP Standings" or even just "DKP"), it would just be a link to a page (like a Table of contents) that would contain links to the DKP information.

It's all in the reflexes.

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