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Fixed price items winning via in game mod

Fixed price items winning via in game mod
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Fixed price items winning via in game mod
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I have a query regarding distributing loot. My guild has devised a DKP system whereby all items have a fixed price and the person with most DKP needing said item wins.

Within the in-game mod, there are various options for bidding and rolling but I cannot find an option where people can whisper me to notify them needing an item and then the mod filtering these people and placing them in order of their current dkp scores.

Currently when people whisper me I have to sift through everyone in the raid and try to pick out which person has the most points, this can be stressful and time consuming when 5-6 people are all after the same piece.

Ideally, on the Silent non-auction mode of the bidding, the seperate window would show peoples current DKP when they whisper me !bid no amount on the end (because of fixed prices).

Hope this is understandable.

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When you enter bid mode, you can choose to sort by DKP (by clicking the "Current DKP" header). Then, simply scrolling down to the first bid to determine who's the high bidder. Doesn't that work?

It's all in the reflexes.

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