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alternate dkp programs

alternate dkp programs
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we have 6 officers that will need to run a DKP addon on their pc so we were thinking quickdkp as an easy gui based addon for managing dkp.. is there any way to import dkp using this or another program like it
I'm afraid not.

Have you looked into the GRSS?

It's all in the reflexes.
well we are trying to find something that we dont have to teach 6 different people how to use... kinda why we were thinking quickdkp because its gui based its fairly easy for the feeble minded.
If i may, i have taught 4 officers how to use this system and it has been by far the easiest to use.

We've experimented with smaller "simpler" DKP systems and there have always been hiccups with syncing everyone's data.

Once the officers downloaded the mod, we ran a practice raid of kara to attumen as i taught them how to use the UI. All they then need do is email me the guildraidsnapshot.lua file after every raid which i then upload to the site and it's done.

i honestly believe it's worth investing a small amount of time with this as i could not be happier with how it's turned out for my guild.

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