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Problems with forum permissions

Problems with forum permissions
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My site, equilibrium.dkpsystem.com , is having an issue with the forums at the moment. I have set the permissions for "modding" the forum to Class Leader. One of my members has let me know that even though his rank is lower than this he still has the option to delete threads etc.

I haven't checked with other people as I don't particularly want to point out that this is possible to everyone

This morning I tried setting all the Feature Access rules to GM Only and saved, then went through and reset them to what we wanted again. The same person still has the same modding options available to him.

I'm a bit worried that the wrong people may have access to the wrong things, especially as we have had a bit of an influx of members lately who aren't well known to many of us.

Head to Admin > Forum > Thread Tags, and see which ranks have access to moderate which thread tags.

I went ahead and tweaked the settings for you, but you might want to tweak them further.

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks Chops. Fantastic support & service here as usual

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