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Tonights update/adding?

Tonights update/adding?
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Tonights update/adding?
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Creator Trelander
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Umm thought this was best way to give yah a ... heads up on a few of the issues that came up with the tonights update. Hope it helps a bit.

The change at the top of forums doenst do anything yet, just sits there lol, also peoples sigs are showing up twice. Thought id like yah know case yah didnt already :)
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You'll most likely need to click "Reload" so that the javascript updates itself. The Sigs issue has been resolved.

Is the "(change)" link not doing anything for you after pressing "Reload"?

It's all in the reflexes.
Umm the primary brings up a clean drop down menu, the seconday gives me a scroll bar thats a lil odd.

nm looks like it supposed to be that way
Quote by Trelander
nm looks like it supposed to be that way

...working as intended

It's all in the reflexes.

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