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Double character listings in standings/mod

Double character listings in standings/mod
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Double character listings in standings/mod
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Creator Cialti
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Type Bug
Section of the Site DKP
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After uploading tonight's raid and then getting the updated dkp from the site and reloading ui in the game, I noticed that when I open the in-game mod, it shows two listings for each character.

It also shows double listings in our 'Current Standings' list on our website (menagerie.dkpsystem.com).

Basically, everyone has a doppleganger. I'm guessing it may cause problems with the next raid...

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Just click the "Inaccurate? Recalculate" button at the top of your standings page.

It's all in the reflexes.
I had this too because somehow people managed to create multiple toons (one lvl1 one lvl70). I'm not sure if they did it via a name change on one or what, but it happened.

I do a character merge with the lvl70 as the base and the lvl1s as the merge. That worked for me.

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