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application correspondence

application correspondence
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I posted this tagged as Support, but I figured that it may be easier for Chops to see what's going on if he has this ticket going. If not, simply ignore this thread.

I believe the positive response I got to http://www.dkpsystem.com/viewthread.php?threadid=4677 suggests that this may become an approved ticket. The text from that post is as follows:

My guild site has people posting applications as Guild-Only. Since the applicant user isn't a real user, people can't log in to see their own apps.

I don't want to encourage people to create bogus accounts that I have to clean up later, but I suppose that could be a workaround.

Privacy is important though, I don't want to put the apps out in the open for the world to see. This can cause drama and we pride ourselves at keeping that to a minimum. We also don't want non-guild users to be able to see other people's apps.

I am very open to suggestions here. One way to solve this would be to send the replies as e-mail to the user in question. Though it wouldn't allow that person to reply to the thread... Another alternative would be to have people create accounts but unless they're validated they're deleted after a few weeks or so.

In short, I want guildies to be able to vote on applicants. I do not want non-guildies able to see applications. I want the applicants to be able to see our responses somehow. To prevent forum trolls I want the applicants to be able to see only their threads or messages relevant to their application.

Any help in working around this issue is much appreciated as it is a higher priority issue for us. Of course a solution doesn't at all have to be set up the way I have described, so long as we can reasonably keep things private between the guild and the applicant.

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