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Ticket tracker

Ticket tracker
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Ticket tracker
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Creator Misen
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Type Suggestion
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Hi Chops,

In length of the ability to see your own tickets - couldn't it be an idea to add some sort of ticket tracker?

What I mean is make it so that each of us can mark a ticket that we find interesting.

This should make it easier for all to see tickets of their interested, and also secure you that we don't make several tickets containing the same - I know this have allready happend :)

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Would you mind elaborating on that? I'm not exactly sure what you mean by a "Ticket tracker." Do you mean a search?

It's all in the reflexes.

I mean like we can mark favorites in the forums to get a list of favorite posts quite fast - just make a similar one for tickets.

For example - I see a ticket made by someone else - I like the idea and therefore I'm interested to see it done.

You don't have time to sort all out at once - so a ticket can remain open for some time.

Then after a while when I wanna check up on the ticket I've forgotten the title, and have to either guess, go through all or make a new ticket.

So make it so that we can put a "stamp" on a ticket we would like to keep track on even though it is not made by one self.

Hope that helped you out?

I see. Interesting. I've got a few more ideas to tack onto the ticket system, and I'm sure I can squeeze something like this in there.

It's all in the reflexes.

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