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Implementing a Zero Sum DKP System?

Implementing a Zero Sum DKP System?
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Looking to implement a type of Zero sum DKP system where points spent on loot are then divided up and distributed evenly among the raid.

X loot drops, 25 points are spent, each member of the raid receives 1 point.

Is there any easy way to implement this short of spending a half hour after each raid manually adjusting points, etc?

Cheers in advance! =]

Sure there is. You can do this while uploading by clicking the "Redistribute Points" link on each raid. In there, you enter the total amount of points you wish to redistribute (where you'll need to add up the amount of points that were spent on that boss).

So if 25 points were spent on the boss, you enter 25, and it'll divide that evenly among the 25 members of your raid, giving each 1 point.

It's all in the reflexes.

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