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Old members web accounts
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Creator Misen
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Hey Chops,

Today when a member leaves the guild for some reason, he shows up as "not in guild" when uploading the rooster.

This is a good system since you can then choose to delete the char.

The problem is that when doing this it doesn't link with the account - so in fact we risk that a member with a high rank still has his account here without any officer really seeing it.

So as far as I know we need to delete the web account manually or at least manually change the rank.

Would it be possible to make it so that if a "Main" pops up as "not in guild" the website asks about what to do with the website account? Kinda similar to what to do with the character ?

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Can I get a small status on this one chops?
It's marked as high priority. But it's still lower priority than the "massive update" I've been briefly mentioning lately.

This might actually be something I can slide into the big update, since the import roster page is getting touched by this update that's in the works.

It's all in the reflexes.
Hey Chops,

A small bump on this ticket - I have seen several other ppl talking about wanting this recently - especially after the roster update you made


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