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Date Issue on News & Rank Unable to View Apps

Date Issue on News & Rank Unable to View Apps
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Date Issue on News & Rank Unable to View Apps
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I've been noticing for a little over a week now that my dates are off on my news--I just updated my news page with the loots from last night's runs, and it's showing as Monday, December 17th. Just wanted to point that out--I couldn't find any place to change that information, and my dates for my account are displaying properly. Even more odd, when I put in the news article, it has 12/18/2007 listed as the date when I was putting my text in, then showed up as 12/17 on the actual news post.

Another issue my RLs are running into--I thought I had set the permissions properly for them to view applications coming into the guild. Unfortunately, at their 'Raid Leader' rank, they cannot see them. If I promote them to 'Officer' they can see the applications. I went through my permissions page and set everything that was 'Officer' level only to 'Raid Leader,' so they should be able to see the apps. I've had my RLs log in and out several times to see if that resolves the issue, but it doesn't appear to ATM.


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Have you verified that the Time Zone of your site is set correctly? Typically this should be set to the TZ of the server you play on.

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I'm aware of this bug and will be fixing it.

It's all in the reflexes.

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