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Wrong guild bank is showing up

Wrong guild bank is showing up
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Wrong guild bank is showing up
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Creator Queezy
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The name of my site (http://deadweight.dkpsystem.com) is also the name of a separate guild on the same server. (Dead Weight is the name of an alliance system of which the guild Dead Weight is a part.) I set up a bank character for the alliance, but it appears that the in-game guild bank for the guild Dead Weight is showing up as well under the Guild Bank link. I changed the site name so it is no longer "Dead Weight," in case that was causing the problem, but the info from the DW guild bank persists. Can that be cleared?

Sorry for the rash of tickets lately.
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You'll need to disable the characters on the upload from the other server. Uncheck their boxes on the DKP Profiler Uploader.

It's all in the reflexes.
Hmm, I didn't phrase this very well.

What I have is a site for a guild alliance called Dead Weight (http://deadweight.dkpsystem.com), a guild bank toon named Dwraidbank, and an altogether separate in-game guild bank (not a toon, the actual in-game guild bank) for a guild called Dead Weight.

The in-game guild bank for the guild Dead Weight is showing up as the guild bank for my site, which is not the site for that guild. Only Dwraidbank's inventory should be showing (he is checked as a bank toon, and his profile is checked in the DKPprofiler).

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