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help single raid dkp

help single raid dkp
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Hey Chops

You have been a great help to me so far, and now need help with another thing. Our guild has finaly desided to run loot using dkp. The prob i'm haveing is that when i set this up we are wanting to have loot deturmain points and only loot.

Thuse wehn said item drops we will award theat loot points bassed on it's item lvl. The player to receve that item will have the points removed from their total and it will be redistributed to the rest of raid. We are wanting ot run only 1 dkp system a 25 man raid and that is it no matter if it is a mag run or a BT run all points go to same place and not devided amungst places. Just on big points book. Correct me if i'm wrong but i labeled the raid 25 man raids and sam with the destanation this will resut in them both being linked togethter right and with the mod for callender that links back to site who is this to work? you articale on setign up your DKP don't realy hit this up or is labed to some thing i don't know it as. help PLz

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