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Double Snapshots / Wipe Recording

Double Snapshots / Wipe Recording
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Double Snapshots / Wipe Recording
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Creator Bobbuddha
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Status Closed
Type Bug
Section of the Site DKP
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I think it started with patch 2.3 but it is taking 2 snapshots automatically when a boss dies. It also takes two screenshots and it can get a bit laggy at that moment.

Also I've had the 'Was this a Wipe?' come up even though I hadn't died yet. As a rule, I don't think my guild is going to give wipe dkp so I'd like to be able to disable that while maintaining automatic snapshots for wins.

As a suggestion, an adjustable delay between snapshot and screenshot might be nice to mitigate the lag problem and also to get the boss on the ground, rather than when its still standing.
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