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Creating a connection with Macromedia Contribute

Creating a connection with Macromedia Contribute
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I have been looking at all the software that I have on hand to help me with a custom layout. I happen to have Macromedia Contribute. It looks like it might do what I need, but I cant figure out how to "create a connection."

The software needs to know how I connect. Its certainly not FTP or secure FTP... its not Local/Network..

The only other choice offered by the software is WeDAV. Is that what I am looking for? It asks the WebDAV url... username and password. I hope I can use this software. If not I am still looking. I dont know enough about code to do it without some sort of software.
Honestly, I'm not really sure. I've never used Contribute, or WebDAV with anything, so I've no idea how or what those are trying to accomplish.

My guess is that that's for deploying a full website, however, the Advanced Layout Options don't work that way at all. They ultimately function off a single uploaded page (referred to as layout.html), with the appropriate files uploaded to other locations.

Assuming those are WYSIWYG editors, they will only work to the extent that you can modify a page and then upload it manually to your site.

It's all in the reflexes.

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