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Dkp decay question

Dkp decay question
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Hey Chops,

Can you please help me out on this question.

We use dkp decay with 45 days before starting to decay, then 100 days to reaching lowest at 0.25

Some days ago an old member of our returned and joined a raid.

all of his dkp have been decaying like it should - then he joined a raid with us the other day and at that time he had 35 dkp.

He then got an item and payed all 35 for it.

The raid awarded him 18 dkp - but allready his dkp have decayed to 17.05 or something.

shouldn't he still have the 18 dkp ?

Or is it so that his old dkp will continue to decay and therefore decrease the total ?

If you want to check out who it is - go to www.sanctumguild.dkpsystem.com

Player name is Markham

I hope you can help me out on this one !


This is a common bit of confusion with the decay system: Each item decays independently. This means that items received, say, 60 days ago will continue to decay, while the new item should remain at full value (at least until it's 45 days old).

If you look at his item history (on the member profile page), you'll see that the new item received SHOULD still be at full value, while the other items that haven't reached the 25% minimum, will continue to decay.

Am I making sense?

It's all in the reflexes.
yea it does.

What I am a bit confused about is that on the raid the 11/22/07 he earns 18 dkp - at the same raid he spends 35.

Now when he used the 35 dkp on the item he used up all his dkp. But the new 18 he earned at the same raid is also appearing to decay.

When I look at his profile it shows as having full value as the item - but if they have the full value still - then it means that his old dkp are continueing to decay - leading to his new 18 getting decreased ?

Also another question - can the dkp pool go into minus? what I mean is, if a member at any given time have say 20 dkp which is decaying atm, then spends these 20 dkp on an item - what will happen to his dkp pool - will to just go to 0 or will it continue to a negetive value ?

Hope you can see what I mean?

It will continue to decay into the negative until the raids or items that are decaying are at their maximum decay.

So, what you see on his page is that he recently earned 18, but some things are still decaying for him. It doesn't stop when we starts raiding again, every item decays at the same independent rate.

It's all in the reflexes.

then that explains it - I was under the impression that when the total dkp pool reached 0 it would stop!

that means that a member who suddently stops raiding - can risk that his dkp pool can go into negative ?

Is there anyway to have it not do that ?

you seen the last question chops ??
that means that a member who suddently stops raiding - can risk that his dkp pool can go into negative ?


Is there anyway to have it not do that ?

It would be tedius, but you'd have to do manual adjustments. However, even adjustments decay, so even that's not an idea solution.

It's all in the reflexes.

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