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CSS issue with Custom Design on

CSS issue with Custom Design on
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CSS issue with Custom Design on
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Creator kbman
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Hi There,

I had an issue while building a custom design for

On the memberprofile.php there is a piece of code that looks like this:
<div style="height:400;overflow:auto;border-style:inset;border-width:thin">

It's effectively there to give the scroll box for your item lists. Now I built the site with the Doctype defined, which takes a web browser out of quirks mode. The problem is, that it's pretty strict with CSS, and the CSS for this style tag is broken. The height definition should read height:400px. Without that little px, the site gives you one big box without the scroll option.

I have removed the Doctype declaration now, and it's working as designed - but it irks me that I'm running in quirks mode.

Can you possibly change this for me (just add the px to the height tag) or define the div with a specific CSS class (ie <div class="itemprofile"> )?

Option 2 is what I would really like, as it will give me more control over the layout - but I'm sure that doing this will be no small feat - so I'd just be happy with option 1.

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Fixed. Thanks for the heads up.

Admittedly, a lot of the site is not standards compliant, and that is something I'm working on fixing, though it's a slow process, with the site having something like 400 pages.

It's all in the reflexes.

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