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Shout box all is MASSIVE

Shout box all is MASSIVE
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Hey Chops,

I see that you have made some changes and I noted the bit about the shoutbox. But here's the problem: I have no idea how to correct the bit you're on about.

Would you be able to get your paws dirty on our site or tell me what went wrong?

Thanks fella.
You'll want to get into your CSS and change/add the new CSS rule for it.

This is the current default rule. If you want to copy it, that'll work:

height: 200px;
font-size: 7.5pt;

It's all in the reflexes.
Scratch that. I did it for ya. Reload your page, you should be good to go.

It's all in the reflexes.
Cheers fella.
I had a problem with my shout box today as well. It was showing every single shout in the list, making the box extremely long. The font was also much bigger than normal.

I looked over the changes made to the CSS, and then went to my CSS Editor and discovered the changes were already there. Saw that the height was defaulted to 200px, so I cut it in half to see the effect but this resulted in the box being only 1 shout high. So I put it back to the way it was, 200px, and everything was back to normal including the font size.

Seems like the changes were made correctly to the css (most likely through the script Chops mentioned), but for whatever reason they weren't having the right effect until I reloaded it.

Ieyasu - Organizer, Ex Cineribus
hmm. Having the same issue. Checked the CSS file and the default entry is there as mentioned. I have cleared the cache, temp files, etc (IE 7); but no good...still have long scrolling shout box. Tried viewing it under FireFox and same thing.

Tried the suggestion of modifying the height to 100px, saving file, and then setting it back; but still no good.

Any other suggestions?

Any other suggestions?

You're using an Advanced Layout, which means you could be linking to any number of CSS files.

Just briefly looking at your code reveals that it's getting its CSS from "settings/boboshouseofgank/files/Main.css", which is a file uploaded to your Administrative File Uploader.

You'll want to update that file with the above rules, and you'll be good to go.

It's all in the reflexes.

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