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Alliance PST Recruiting raiders.

Alliance PST Recruiting raiders.
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***Short Version***
Alliance PVE guild on PST Server M-W-F 6:30 to 9:30 recruiting Holy Priest and Paladin. Recruiting Shaman any spec. Priests, Paladins, and Shamans will have spots for raids as we are short on these classes. Interested individuals must be able to attend 80% of raids. Morgrim Tidewalker is the next target in SSC.

Invictus is an Alliance side guild on Cenarius made up of adults in the 20s to 30s that have been playing together for several years and are on a first name basis with many. We have a strict no drama philosophy (loot or otherwise), use DKP (no priority system), have a TeamSpeak server, and an ad free website. We all have a good time playing, but we will be the first to good naturedly call out a fellow member for being dumb. We believe that progression raiding can still occur in 10 hours per week when everyone is fully committed to the same goal and we are a top 20 Alliance ranked guild on our realm.

Invictus schedules raids three nights per week at 6:30 to 9:30 Server time (Pacific Standard) Monday, Wednesday and until 10:30 on Friday.

Cleared Bosses and schedule
Karazhan: Cleared Run on off nights/weekends if guild members want to go.
Gruul: Cleared Run on off nights or at the end of the raid week.
Magtheridon: Farm/Run weekly
SSC: Lurker (Farm), Hydross (Farm), and Morogrim Tidewalker next target.
TK: Void Reaver Farm/Run weekly

What we are looking for:
Invictus is seeking a few more skilled players to fill out our roster. We are looking for mature minded individuals that have the following qualities: ability to play their character, willingness to come prepared for raids three nights per week and stay the entire time, not easily offended, and geared appropriately for their class role. We have an 80% attendance policy for raiders. We require everyone to have TeamSpeak but not a microphone.

We are specifically recruiting the following classes and positions but still welcome applications from other classes that are exceptionally skilled/geared.

Holy Paladin: Raid ready gear level to fill a raiding position

Holy Priest: Raid ready gear level to fill a raiding position.

Enhancement/Elemental Shaman: Raid ready gear level to fill a raiding position.

If you are interested, please visit our website http://.invictus.dkpsystem.com or speak to Meristian, Zarob/Dieliana, Eliminate/Denatured, Klem/Hiisi, or Anciong in game.

Good luck finding your new home!


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