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Having Forum problems

Having Forum problems
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I have noticed that during posting and/or reading threads, the forums will mark themselves as "unread" clearly after they have been read or even posted too.

I know Jaidyn also is stated that she has tried to make several attempts at making private posts and they go missing. Can you look into this problem and check to see if anyone else is having these issues.

It's many of our members having the same problems, not just me.


Alicatt ~
Sure thing. I'll see what I can uncover. Thanks for the heads up. Has anyone else been having this problem (I mean any other guilds members?)

It's all in the reflexes.
None here man. Only forum problem I have is that I still cannot moderate private thread tags that I'm the creator of. I still have to change the thread tag, make changes, then change it back to the private thread tag it was in.

Message received when trying to edit post: You can't edit this post, you h4x0r!


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