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Ranking not work! Need help

Ranking not work! Need help
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Hello there Can I get some help please.
Here is my issuse. We have alts in our guild that hold differant Ranks on our Board, When we switch them it switches the whole web account. Before we could switch them individualy.

I have a banker and I need to name her "banker"to upload our guild bank to the site. But when I did that It moved my WHOLE account to banker and Not High Master to I can deal with the Web site. I'm the one that take care of this.

Is their something that I'm forgetting to do or is this a Issuse with anyone else.

When I'm trying to do Is move alt toons ranks around. from banker to member to Highmaster.

If any one has info that would be helpful. Thank you very much


When the character rank is changed, it should prompt asking "Do you want to propogate these changes to the account and other associated characters?" Just make sure to click "Cancel" to that, and then the rank change will only affect the character you're editing.

It's all in the reflexes.
Chops When we do that the character rank, of the main Character changes to the Rank you just set forth.

Here, read this.

Saphirablue = High master
AOTD= Banker
Rexie= Member
New alt.... Move to member. Also Dose the Web account of all the Character.Saphirablue is a member now not a high master.
She needs to stay High master for I'm the one takeing care of the site and co-GM of the guild.

Even if I "cancel" it out.


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