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DKP Menu issue for multiple systems

DKP Menu issue for multiple systems
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As the guild im in is progressing we've decided that we need a second dkp system. One was created and it changed the headings on all the DKP Menus and added multiple instances of each which is great. The problem is that we only wanted 2 menus to be viewable for each dkp system, Current Standings and Raid Analysis. Previously when we only had 1 system those were the only viewable menus for DKP and the others (Loot Priority, Item Prices, Past Raids, Items Recieved) were all disabled.

After creating a second system all the disabled menus appeared for both systems, we had 12 menus instead of the desired 4. At first i tried to remove them by unchecking the 'Disabled?' option and rechecking it. Then i tried renaming the menu types thinking perhaps its not disabled anymore because the name is different, 'System1:Loot Priority' instead of just 'Loot Priority' but that just renamed that menu for both DKP system and i ended up with 'System1:System1:Loot Priority' and 'System2:System1:Loot Priority'. After browsing these forums looking for an answer i ended up setting the 'Minimum Rank to View' to Guild Master which at least made it look right for everyone but the GM.

I think the disable function might be bugged for mulitple systems, and if its not then is there another way to remove these extra menus for everbody?


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