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Archving Threads

Archving Threads
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I know I have read discussions regarding the ability to delete an entire thread but what about really old posts that you want to keep yet are inactive. Is there any discussion going on regarding an method to archive old posts.

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I've done some thinking about a method of archiving threads, but personally, I always felt the best archive was just the forum itself.

For forums that don't get a ton of posts, I see archiving as unnecessary. For forums like the Blizzard forums that get like 20 thousand posts a day, then, yeah, archiving is pretty vital, because data gets pushed off quickly.

But I like to treat a forum like the web. Better to not delete anything, and search through everything google-style.

What you COULD do, for the time-being is possibly make another thread tag called something like "Archives" and move any good threads into it so if anyone wants to see the Good Archived threads, they could just do that.

I'm working on the ability to give "view" privs but not "post" privs to individual thread tags, for pretty much this very reason. Though I spose you could always emulate that functionality by locking the thread.

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