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Proposed Rank Structure

Proposed Rank Structure
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Rank Structure:

With the level 30 cuts scheduled for Sunday.

Guest Non Raid Rank (exempt from level requirements)
- As the name implies they may be retained on the roster but should not expect raid possitions.

Trial Rank:
- New applicants should have a finite period (one week) to integrate themselves and be fully registered and make a good account of themselves.

Member Rank:
- Having determined loyalty dedication and competence a rank that exempts the individual from level cuts.
- Subject to conduct violation removal.

- Exceptional play skill and long term service to the guild.

Class Senior:
- 1 per class, distinguished service and ability with the class.
- Responsible for sub recruitment and discipline and standards.
- Responsible for removal of poor performers.
- Exemplar for the class, clear leadership abilities.

Officer. (Roles)
- Drama Control.
- Quarter Master.
- Gear run organization.

Senior Officer. (Roles)
- DKP.
- Scheduling.
- Raid Leadership.

Guild Master.
- Executive decision making.

All officers should demonstrate balanced leadership abilities and should be gentlemen and women. A gentleman is even keeled, makes life easier for those arround them by reducing drama rather than being the source of it.
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