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LOTRO item links

LOTRO item links
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The item links arnt working properly, there are a couple items that will link but there are many that say "No item found in lotro.warcry.com's database". Some are not in the data base, but some by clicking on the items link will bring you to warcry and the item will actually be listed there.
EXAMPLE Etched Beryl BraceletRefresh This Item
Also do you know where we can send in the items info so they can list it?

I'm not sure how warcry accepts item link submissions, but that would be the place to submit the items to, at the moment. One thing to do, when you have an item link that says "Not Found" is to click the little green "Refresh" link next to the item.

In this case, I just clicked "Refresh" and after a minute or so, it was up properly. Sometimes items get cached before they make it into the main item databases (like really newfound items), and so the item database on DKPSystem.com retrieves a "Not Found" from Warcry and then stores that result until someone tells it to try again.

The same goes with out-of-date items. If an item has been updated recently, but the DKPSystem.com tooltip isn't reflecting it, try clicking the refresh link and it should update within a minute (you'll have to refresh the page to see the update).

It's all in the reflexes.
Thanks Chops, much appreciated. Also thanks for the quick response
Not sure if you recall Chops, but I brought this up a month ago or so. (You may remember the link I sent you to our thread regarding the discussion about the website?)

It was suggested we should use MMOBD as a source of items, simply because the database is more comprehensive, almost up-to-date and the website is faster and better than WarCry anyway.

If I recall you suggested you would be seriously looking into this option, but I did not hear anything of it.
Funnily enough. I just finished doing this only a few hours ago. Pressing Refresh will force it to grab the new one from MMODB.

It's all in the reflexes.

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