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SuicideKings Geo

SuicideKings Geo
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I'm testing out a Suicide Kings DKP system, and the old SK has been abandoned by the author. It was picked up by another author, and is being developed as SuicideKings Geo.

Unfortunately, because of the name change, the import feature for the SK system on this site doesn't work... it doesn't recognize the SuicideKingsGeo.lua file. If I remove the "Geo" it will upload it, but that's a lot of editing back and forth to upload it.

Is it possible to get the uploader to recognize SuicideKingsGeo.lua as a valid SuicideKings file to import?

It's all in the reflexes.
Quote by Chops

Awesome! I have to say, I'm extremely impressed with this system. Everything works, and if something's missing, you're spot on with the updates. Kudos!

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