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Deleting Raids?

Deleting Raids?
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Hi there,

We just finished out first Kara raid. We're doing a zero sum DKP. However, it looks like when I uploaded I didn't put in the correct values for redistributing points.

However, I can't go back and delete the raid entry and reupload. The problem is when I viewed the GRSS and then updated it, I added the incorrect amounts to the DKP (I didn't distribute, I simply gave a point value to each member so everyone has more than they need). When I edit it again and put 0 in for points, it doesn't do anything on the DKP standings... they are still messed up.

So basically, I just want to delete that raid and then reupload it with the correct values. THanks.
You can easily change that.

If you just want to fix it so it redistributes it properly, click "Edit" on the Raid and then click the "Redistribute Points" link (right above where the points are showing). Change the value and save and it'll be good to go.

If you MUST delete the raid, simply click the "Delete" button at the bottom of the Raid edit page.

It's all in the reflexes.

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