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Custom DKP Column - (Raid - Items)

Custom DKP Column - (Raid - Items)
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I'm trying to just add a column that uses the formula:

raids - items

It works great in test, but not in live application. Am I doing something wrong?
Where are you looking for the result. On http://reborn.dkpsystem.com/dkpmember.php?dkpsystemid=1 it looks like it's working properly.

Remember, that a custom DKP column only applies to a single DKP System, and only applies to the "Current Standings" page.

It's all in the reflexes.
LOL, I tried it tons of times and it always had a "-" for everyone. But your link has the totals, maybe I was looking in the wrong place? I was using the "Raid Attendence" link for Early Raids (which was the one that I put the column in).

... weird. I'm happy as pie though as long as its workin.

You rock, Chops! Still the bestest!
Quote by Markane
LOL, I tried it tons of times and it always had a "-" for everyone.

Exact same problem for me, I'm only getting "-"'s.. is there a delay or something that trigger's a re-calculation for this page?

The problem actually has to do with the custom column name. Ultimately, I just renamed the column to "Num Items" for you, and it's showing properly.

It's all in the reflexes.
Awesome, thanks Chops!

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