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Roster Sorting

Roster Sorting
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Today you have options for sorting the roster by Mains or Mains and Alts.

Since some smaller guilds may form alliances (as we have) and this have other guild members registering on our site to be part of a DKP system or use the Raid Event Calendar I was wonder if you could expand on the Rosters options a little.

1) Make an option for the Site Admin to define the Guilds that are using the page. That way people that are from guild X aren't typing their names in they have a drop down to select the guild they are a member of.

2) If you add option then if would be nice to be able to add sort/filtering to see only member of guild X. And on top of that only their Mains, Alts, or both.

3) Could you also consider adding options to sort/filter by level or level range. As well as classes. It helps for officers planning events in small and growing guilds to know how many Mains of a certain level they have or how many of a certain class you have so you know what your recruitment needs might be in that area.

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Solid suggestions!

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