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Raid Signups

Raid Signups
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Something that would help with sign-ups.
Right now there is a "Approve for Raid, Do Nothing, or Deny" maybe have an "Alt" button and having a designator for the Alt in the signups. Like Italicized or soemthing

Mages 3/3
Binto **Alt

Can we also have the class listed with the name of those that sign up?

That way if there is a chance someone doesnt show, we know who to go to next.

Is there also a way to remove someone from approved. Something comes up at the last minute and need to show who will be attending but they were already approved.

I intend on adding an "Alt" option also.

There are a number of changes to the Signup process coming as well. Right now, however, I'm focusing on trying to optimize it, as it's growing faster than I expected and I've gotta make sure it scales. The sites are running a bit slowly right now, and I'm gonna have to throw a bit of hardware at it pretty quickly.

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