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Can't log into GuildBankUploader

Can't log into GuildBankUploader
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Downloaded Guild Bank Uploader, but when it comes to putting in user name a password it will tell me not valid. I have tried uninstalling it and reinstalling it and same thing. In order for me to use the uploader I have to do it the old way. I know my password and such are right, don't know what im doing wrong.
3 things are required to access the system with GuildBank Uploader.
The URL to your site
Your User name on your site
Your Password on your site

If you are sure you are entering the user and password correctly maybe the URL is not correct.

If I recall this simply needs to be the base URL for your site. So if you are entering http://azaelsmorbidangels.dkpsystem.com then I'm not sure what else could be wrong.

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There's a bug in the uploader that doesn't like spaces in the name, and your name being "Nabree Guild Master" it's freaking out.

I'll be getting a newer (fixed) version out after the crazy updates this week.

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