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DKP Import -> Set DKP system for all dropdowns at once.

DKP Import -> Set DKP system for all dropdowns at once.
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Right now when I import DKP I have to set the DKP system like 10-20 times during each import.

I can understand the need to sometimes be able to do an override, but I'd love to see a box at the top where I can pick to set all the DKP system boxes to one system.

I can't tell you how many times we've run into problems because just 1 of those boxes is set to the wrong system because of oversight.
Is this possible?

One of the main reasons we switched to DKP system was because of the DKP management, which is great. Unfortunately there are several things recently which haven't been keeping up with the game. GRSS is still screwing up on way too many encounters in Kara, which has been out for over half a year. The import is still a pain in the ass when you have multiple DKP systems and you completely screw up your system because you forgot to change one boss from Gruul to Kara (because omg G is before K in the alphabet and is the default)... or alts which don't get automatically populated in the reassignment dropdown just because they were awarded an item for 0 cost (not DKP) in the past?

Hurray for all the new features, but these unaddressed old problems are starting to grate on my nerves.

/rant over
Indeed I'll be doing this, and I recognize that as a slowdown for DKP entry.

As for the troubles with Kara, some of those encounters are very difficult to codify, with multiple bosses dying (possibly multiple times) and in multiple orders. It would be easy if every guild did it successfully every time, but that's never how it goes down. There needs to be some kind of special timer code in there, which gives a window from the first death to the last death, which is a pretty extravagant change in the GRSS boss-capturing mechanism...one that I'm planning.

The alt thing I'll be addressing as well.

It's all in the reflexes.

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