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Post Maintenance DNS issues

Post Maintenance DNS issues
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For all those having DNS issues post maintenance. Provided you have already successfully updated your A Record but are still having issues browsing to your page.

Clear all browser cache and history (I am assuming most people know how to do this and that each browser is a little different)
Flush your systems DNS by doing the following:
Click on Start
Click on Run
In the Openline type in "cmd" without the quotes and click ok
This should have opened a window titled something like C:\Windows\System32\cmd.exe
at the C prompt (C:\) type the following:
ipconfig /flushdns

All IP services are typically considered dynamic but they all also have TTL's (time to live) associated with them. They range form 1 hour to 48 hours typically. For your DNS this will vary depending on a few things. When you updated the A Record. When your provider pushed the new A Record.

Hopefully this might help some people by clearing out local caches on their machines that are affecting the ability hit their sites.

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Stickied until all the DNS stuff is resolved.

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