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Raid progress-like feature more generalized

Raid progress-like feature more generalized
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Right now in Vanguard our guild is working on the Guild Hall that's coming the next game update. This is a large-scale guild effort with lots of items and quests to be done in crafting, adventuring, diplomacy and harvesting in addition to pure coins required. We've got a guide-page setup for tracking this, but what would be really nice is to have the raid progression system a bit more generalized to allow for it to track things like this as well.

It is possible, but there's a few bumps.
  • Some texts here and there referring raid specifics like "raid" and "boss"
  • The "Raid Progression"->"Zone"->"Boss" hierarchy is one level too shallow since we can only have one "Raid Progression". We'd like one hierarchy like that, and one "Guild Hall"->"Item"->"Item details", where "Item" would for instance be the reward from a major quest, and "Item details" would be all the items from that quest.

By having another level to this hierarchy and changing some text we should be able to set up so we have one progression for raids, one for the guild hall and others for whatever else our guild is working on at the moment.

Any chance of this getting in?

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