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Decay suggestion

Decay suggestion
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I like the ability to have decay done automatically. Though I'm finding that finding and actual report of what has decayed, when and by how much is either missing or hidden enough I can't find it If there is something that will let me see this info I'd love to know about it.

That being said I can see that it might be valuable to some members to be able to effect the decay manually. I think this is a control situation. Yes, I like it to automatically be done but even more than that I like to know exactly when it was done and by who. Guilds beginning to use the decay I could see using this to monitor how the decay truly effects their members points.

It would also allow a GM or officer to log when they decayed compared to the current system where we just kind of trust the site to do so. I personally would be happy trusting the site to do so if I had the reports stated above. What was decayed, when and by how much.

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