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Someone brought this up in my guilds forums and I though I would suggest it here. Can there be a "Locked Out" status that we can assign to people that have signed up for runs.

I know most guilds are having to run multiple Karazahan groups each week and for our guild we have several mains set for each group (for leadership and assuring progress). But there are several open slots in all the groups we run and we fill them with people that signup. Now many times those that signup to fill a spot in one of the groups with sign up with all the other groups that are running that week. And having a "status" option that allows the officers and/or raid leaders to set their status as "Locked Out" for the other groups they signed up, makes it so everyone knows who of the pool of signed up people are still availible.
Good option but I have a work around for you.
A)Anyone can change their status after signing up. Thus a player can move themselves to the "I will not be attending status"
B)Anyone that signs up as Late can put in a note that says "Locked to Raid X" or something.

My suggestion will actually go back to something I suggested shortly after Chops added the Late Notes option last fall. Notes should apply to the I will not be attending status as well. Thus players can set the I will not be attending option and indicate that they are On Vacation, going on a hot date, or Locked Out/Saved to another instance.

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Yea that ok, it just that you know as well as I that getting guildies to do anything that doesn't directly relate to getting some epic gear is just never going to happen.

I just think it would be easier for officers and raid leader to make the change and save us from having to remember or guess who is and is not locked out.

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