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Tweak to DKP Raid Destinations

Tweak to DKP Raid Destinations
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There's been a small tweak to the DKP Raid Destinations, and this may not affect your guild in any way, but at least the option is there.

For each destination, there is the possibility of specifying a "Point per Rank Ratio" whereas different ranks of members in the guild will receive a different percentage of the DKP points depending on Destination.

To make it a little more clear:

Lets assume for Molten Core, your guild gives initiates 50% dkp, members 75% dkp, and veterans and above 100% dkp.

You can go and specify these settings for each "Molten Core" destination in your raid destination list.

When entering DKP, or uploading a GRSS snapshot, you then no longer have to manually specify the points for those members who don't get the "Default" points.

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