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Members see only one persons app

Members see only one persons app
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Currently when some of my members select an app to view they keep seeing only one perosn app.


1)Click on Kross's app
2)Archz app shows
3)Click on Shinku's app
4)Archz app shows
5)click on Sakas's app
6)Archz app shows

Quite a few of my members have this prob.

I think I know what's goin on here.

Because the applications are created with private threads, if a certain individual doesn't have the permissions to view an application when it's created, they'll never have permissions to see it. What's happening then, is it's trying to access the thread for the application, but are being denied, and it redirects them to the thread list, which shows which threads they have access to.

I'm suspecting these people having these troubles have recently been promoted (or more accurately, were promoted after the applications for the newer people was submitted).

In any case, the application process is getting some serious revamps over the next few weeks, as it's shortcomings have become pretty obvious.

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