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[SUGGESTION] Method to assign bank item DKP to guild member?

[SUGGESTION] Method to assign bank item DKP to guild member?
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First, this ability may already exist so, if so, just refer me to the doc. Anyway, what we want to do is to automate the assignment of DKP credit to members who donate armor/weapons to the guild bank. In addition, when a member's RFI is approved, the DKP value of the item (if any) would be automatically deducted from the requester's DKP.

Here's just one scenerio:

(1) Bank toon receives item from member.
(2) Bank manager notes (pencil & paper) name of member who sent the item.
(3) Guild bank is updated by, say, GuildBankUploader.

Now, suppose dkpsystem's GuildBankUploader calculated and assigned a DKP value of 13.64 to the item (ala the HobDKP AddOn). Further, suppose that the bank listing also showed all eligible items (e.g., limited to weapons and armor) whose DKP has yet to be assigned. Under these circumstances, the banker could click on the unassigned item and assign the item's DKP to the donating member.


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