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The last couple people that have tried to create accounts on our site have said that the account creation isn't working. I've looked at the settings and nothing has been changed as far as I can tell. I've even created a new account myself (which worked fine), so I can't reproduce whatever they're going through.

When you have a minute could you check aftermathkt.dkpsystem.com and see if you can see anything? It's been happening for about a week now.
Looks like there might be some issues with our Website Accounts page..

It's not letting me search or switch pages or switch the sorting method.
Also when clicking on people in the DKP list, the snapshots don't show up for them.
I suspect these are related somewhat, but your "Warcraft Logs" menu had an unclosed <iframe> tag, and as a result, the bottom part of your site wasn't rendering.

I've closed the iframe (adding </iframe> to the end) and now anything dependent on the subsequent scripts should be working again.

It's all in the reflexes.
Ah damn, that's my fault then...accidentally deleted that iframe last week and added it in very quickly without closing it.

Thanks for getting to that so quickly, I'll go test it right now.

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