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New glitch with Application Thread Tag

New glitch with Application Thread Tag
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Hi, there. A long time ago I made a thread tag called Old Applications. After we've notified an applicant about whether we've accepted or rejected their application, we set the application to the Old Applications thread tag so it doesn't clutter up our forum view (the officers just deselect that thread tag in the View filter). After the patch this past week, I noticed that all of the old applications had gone back to their original thread tag. I didn't report it at that time and just went ahead and set them all back to the Old Applications thread tag once again. Well, just now, I saw that they were once again set back to the old thread tag (Cabinet Discussion).

Any idea what might be causing this? We have a lot of applications, so I really don't want to have to do this all over again.

Thanks for any information y'all can provide.

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