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Unread Forums

Unread Forums
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I see that you have put in place a system as to show which forums are not read yet. Is there a way that we can change the text color of unread forums in conjunction with making them bold?

Also, there are some of the threads that dont show what thread they are a part of on the left side of the forums (ie, any thread that has long letter names). They do show when I filter the threads though. Is there a way to change this sho they show what thread they are a part of?

For the first question, yes, I'll add a bit more customization to the colors of the highlighted threads, it should be within the next two weeks, I suspect.

And for the second question, this can be done in the interface by going to Admin > Thread Tags and Editing the thread tag that isn't showing up. You'll see a checkbox labeled "Show in thread list"...Check that box and save it, and that tag will then show up on the far left.

Hope those are of help. I've been swamped as of late, but I'll try to get in your TS yet to answer some of your questions, I'm sorry it's taking me so long to get to talk to you 1on1 about this.

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