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A few minor additions to the signup popup.

A few minor additions to the signup popup.
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Hi Chops,

You've put together a very useful application here that has made my life a lot easier when it comes to guild and raid management. I would like to request a few additions to the signup list.

I use the signup list when I do invites. I usually work in signup order after class considerations. And I have a few suggestions that would make my (and I'm sure others') invite process a lot easier.

1. An invite mode based on account permission. In this mode a check box would appear by players names so when we check it, their names become somewhat subdued. This would make it easy to see who's in and who's not.

2. An ability to show some specific stat next to the name, like FR. When we're doing something that requires a specific resistance, this would make it very easy when we have too many signed up.

3. I don't know how useful this would be to others, but a display method to sort the entire signup list in order of sign up date. Sometimes we get to a point where class is not an issue, but sign up order would be.

Thanks for your time.

Diabolic Edict (GM)
Legacy of Pain [Uther]

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