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Multiple DKP system bugs/enhancements

Multiple DKP system bugs/enhancements
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I just created and started using a 2nd dkp system so I now have 1 for 20 man and 1 for 40 man.

Some disturbing bugs that I'm shocked haven't been reported:
Click 40 man standings
Sort by a column
Result: Shows 20 man standings
expected: Show 40 man standings sorted by what I selected
Click 40 man raid analysis
Filter by something
Result: Shows 20 man results
Expected: 40 man results
3. (enhancement)
Could REALLY use a mechanism to switch default DKP system for things like importing grss and making adjustments. Made a bunch of mistakes because the default was 20 man and I was updating 40 man. I'm sure I can get used to this but...if you could add a default flag on the dkp system edit screen that would be leet.

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