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Funny Panel Sizing

Funny Panel Sizing
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Funny Panel Sizing
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Creator boybeef
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So here is our site..


It looks fine at first. But then go to a section such as "Forums" .. The left panel housing the calendar now takes up 50% of the screen. It is even worse in pages such as the big calendar.

NOW, this is only a problem with MS Explorer. And many of our members are seeing this. However, when I use Chrome to view the pages, everything is fine.

The site was originally created by copying the site from http://www.reverb.dkpsystem.com. And when I view their pages with MS Explorer, everything is fine.

So I'm just trying to figure out how to make sure that left panel menu cannot be wider than a certain size. Is it something we broke? I am at a loss right now.

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It had to do with all the text in the recruitment box, oddly enough. I tweaked your CSS to limit the width to 200px, and it seems to be working correctly in IE now.

It's all in the reflexes.
Yes, thank you.. All is good.

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