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Turn off character authorization

Turn off character authorization
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Turn off character authorization
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Creator Nitesbane
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For accounts, I see there are checkboxes for "Authorization required..." and "Email validation required..." but nothing for characters.

I honestly can't see the purpose of requiring authorization for every character if I choose to not require authorization for accounts. It also adds another hurdle for new members as they cannot sign up for events unless the character is authorized. Most of the time, this is the primary reason my members create characters on our site to begin with.

Can we please make this go away?
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Sorry for the late response on this:

This was implemented originally for two reasons:

1) To prevent folks from messing around and creating characters that weren't actually theirs. It's not really that serious of an issue, admittedly, but it's one that's there.

2) As a spam prevention measure. I've had spammers make hundreds of accounts and hundreds of characters, and this was the easiest prevention method.

That said, I see no reason why I couldn't also offer it as an option, as you mention.

It's all in the reflexes.
Interesting and completely understandable points. Thank you for the clarification.

As always, having more control over how my site operates is always a good thing. The option to turn it off would be wonderful.

Ieyasu - Organizer, Ex Cineribus

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