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Problems with background image and logo

Problems with background image and logo
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Hello there!

I've been a customer here before a few times, and i must say it is good to be back . Anyways onto my problem, im using the Belf theme on my site with a custom logo for guild name and such.

Problem is that i have a broken "logo" i cannot seem to get rid of, right now i have sent it flying to the right side as temp soloution so i dont have to sit and look at it, when im working on the homepage for our guild.

The logo i would like to have is a edited version of the Belf one, i uploaded it to administrative file uploads and it is called "hfc-header_bg.png"

Any help with this would be greatly appriciated.

/Respectfully, Demonx
Nvm, managed to fix it my self .

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