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Members on menu item

Members on menu item
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Members on menu item
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Creator hazhulgen
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It seems the menu item which is supposed to show "Members who've loaded a page within the past 10 minutes" isn't working properly anymore.
Now it only shows 0 members and it should at least show my account as online. At least that's what it used to do. ;)

Edit: Looks like a caching issue. Other menu items are also suffering from this. For instance, our raiding party from last night still shows as logged in on ventrillo. I'm pretty sure they're not on there anymore as most of them have jobs to go to. :P


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Also, if you look at the Last Logins page, it is no longer tracking there.

The last logged IP I have is from 5/12/2012 4:59 pm EST
Yes, same here. Just shows "-" under last login

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