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Menu Issues

Menu Issues
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Menu Issues
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Creator Wynterr
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I am looking to remove the "Menu" side box and have the menu items horizontal across the top of the news section on the home page. I have read through your forums and found a similar question where you answered with code changes needed to do this.

This was your response:

"Both will require some tweaks to the layout (Which it looks like you've already done some to get the menu list at the top).

To remove the menu from the side of your pages, in your Advanced LAyout, where you have

<!--System:Menus:Left--> and <!--System:Menus:Right-->

You'll want to change it to <!--System:Menus:Left:Menu--> and <!--System:Menus:Right:Menu-->

That last ":Menu" is an exclusion parameter, meaning "Don't show these menus, even if they would otherwise show here".

To remove the countdown timer, you'll need to just remove that relevant section from the HTML of the layout file."

What option do I click in my admin menu to get to the point where I can make these changes? I tried clicking "advanced layout options" and when I go into this I have no idea what area to click in to make these changes.

I tried the main layout section, and clicked "edit your CSS file" but there was nothing remotely close to what you had written above already in here....

I am not good with codes, but I really want to make these changes to my website. Could you help with this in an answer-for-code-dummies type of response?

Thank you so much!
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The Advanced Layout Options are indeed advanced, and can certainly be a little daunting for the new user.

If you haven't done so yet, I recommend checking out the guide for the Advanced Layout Options: http://www.dkpsystem.com/guide.php?t=AdvancedLayoutOptions

This will walk you through how to download your current layout file and make changes (using your favorite text editor).

Please let me know if you need further help with this.

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