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GRSS Mod not uploading

GRSS Mod not uploading
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GRSS Mod not uploading
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Creator Divalish
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Hi Chops, For last few days I've run GRSS Upload the same as I have several times a week, but there are no data updates occuring. I gave it a couple days before reporting to make sure I didn't accidently purge the data but now also seeing others reporting same issue this week.
Any help would be appreciated. The DKP system is the primary reason I've continued to use this site, so hope this is fixed quickly. Other guild management sites don't measure up to the DKP features here!
Cheers and appreciate the support! Divalish....
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I bet people cant leave you applications also. I have both of those problems as well.
That would explain why we've stopped getting Apps. We're having the GRSS update problem as well. Wonder what changed?
I'm having the same problems. And my vent status won't update. Something is obviously broke. It's be nice to get a status update

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